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The premier facilities maintenance and management service provider in Singapore

CA Facilities brings together all the essential elements of property or facilities management and support services.

With over 20 years of experience in providing Property and Integrated Facilities Management Services, we have a comprehensive understanding of the demands and complexities of today’s working environment, forging partnership relationships with its customers which focus on the efficient management of their premises.



$350 million

total sales

20 years

in operation

Our customers include top brands such as:

Services Provided by CA Facilities Pte Ltd:

Managing Agent Services

We focus on transformational journeys with our clients through partnership arrangements. We manage and oversee day-to-day maintenance and improvement on our Client’s behalf. Owners of properties will benefit from our structured approach in providing our management services.

Equipment Audit

Estate Management

Tenancy Management

Preventive Maintenance

Periodic Statutory Report

Routine Operation Reporting

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Carpark Management

Arrears Management

General Management

Tender & Procurement

Crisis/Incident Procedure

Administrative Management

Security & Fire Safety Management

Facilities Management Services

Facilities Management is the integration of systems, processes, technologies and personnel to enhance the management of a building’s facilities the tools and services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate.

ELV Services

BMS Services

Security Services

Pest Control Services

Building Works Services

Mechanical & Electrical Services

A&A Services

Carpark Services

Cleaning Services

Landscape Services

Technical Support Services

Waste Management Services

Engineering & Technical Services

With a strong engineering background, we are able to provide a full scope of technical & engineering services to a wide spectrum of clients under our portfolio

Plumbing & Sanitary Maintenance

Fire Protection & Alarm Maintenance

Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance

Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation Maintenance

Lift Maintenance

Security Maintenance

Building Maintenance

Carpark Maintenance

Why choose CA Facilities

Multiple in-house services

Highly trained and skilled staff

We take ownership of your facilities

We trust in Customer Feedback to enhance Quality Service

Over 20 years of Integrated Facilities Management experience

Continuous training for staff to keep up with industry practices

We believe in partnership and team work between Client and us

As a member of your team, CAF will bring innovative and progressive approaches to creating quality environments while driving costs down.

We can achieve this by:

Selecting technologies and systems that best benefit your needs

Adopting “best practices” built over the years through our management of numerous facilities

Designing operations and maintenance practices for optimum results

Procuring energy at best prices and utilizing it more efficiently

Integrating building management systems to enhance efficiency and productivity and improving decision-making